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Rempis/Heinemann Duo, Free Jazz, Backroom

Join us Sunday, August 6 at 4P for an afternoon of music with Dave Rempis on saxophones, and Jakob Heinemann on double bass.

Jakob is a double bassist, composer, improviser, and sound artist working between Chicago. IL and Madison, WI. His interests are wide-ranging, but tend to center on close listening, environmental composition, and open collaborations with other artists. As a composer and sound artist, he uses field recordings, spectral analysis, and traditional scoring to sonify his local community, seeking to document and understand a sense of place in a radically changing environment. He’s worked with incredible artists over the years, including Roscoe Mitchell, Tomeka Reid, Mike Reed, and Jim Baker.

Dave Rempis plays alto, tenor and baritone saxophone. His collaborations include a wide variety of creative improvised music legends, ranging from John Tchicai to Joe McPhee and Roscoe Mitchell. Rempis’ musical expression draws on a number of touchstones. While heavily improvisational in nature, his Greek ethnicity, studies in jazz and ethnomusicology, an appreciation for the philosophical underpinnings of contemporary composition, and a love for unforgivingly strident yelps, screeches, and squeals that can encompass the ever-evolving state of human depravity all inform his work.

This should be a wonderful afternoon of free jazz!



Aug 06 2023


4:00 pm - 6:00 pm