Meerts Madness

Meerts Madness
Saturday May 11th

Come try five truly unique beers from Funk Factory Geuzeria, most on tap for the first time at Sugar Maple. Zach from Pequod Distribution will be here to answer your questions on these complex beers.

Meerts is a nearly forgotten style underneath the lambic umbrella category. Meerts, meaning March, is the low alcohol (2-4%) “table” or “field” beer traditionally made from the second runnings of lambic’s turbid mash and consumed in the spring. Levi Funk of the Funk Factory refers to it as Lambic’s baby brother.

Meerts- 4%
Funk Factories base meerts is unfruited making for an easy drinking table sour jam packed with flavor. Their modern interpretation begins with Pilsner malt, raw wheat and Saaz hops, which is brewed using a turbid mash, long boil, and low hopping rate, and finally fermented in foeders with Funk Factory’s wild yeast. Tart, complex and highly approachable, it can be appreciated by any and all lambic enthusiasts

Blackberry Meerts 4%
Funk Factories base Meerts refermented On Blackberries.

Blood Orange Tangerine Meerts 4%
After three months of fermentation in our 40hL French oak foeders, we refermented Meerts on 2.0 lbs/gal of blood oranges and their juice for an additional six weeks prior to adding tangerine zest and then packaging. This beer is tinged with the color of the citrus, but bursts with the aroma of freshly squeezed orange juice.

Butterfly Pea Flower Kombucha Meerts- 3.5%
Made in partnership with our friends and (former) neighbors at NessAlla Kombucha, we took their Butterfly Pea Flower and Jasmine tea and steeped it in our foeder-aged Meerts, and then blended their Butterfly Pea Flower Kombucha with the resulting beer. The butterfly pea flower tea and NessAlla’s kombucha both add a lively Concord grape-like flavor, light violet color, and a refreshing dimensionality to the beer.

Blueberry Meerts- 4%
After three months of fermentation in our 40hL French oak foeders, we refermented Meerts on over 3.5 lbs/gal of blueberries for an additional six weeks prior to packaging. This deeply colored beer pours with a light pink head and flavors of tart blueberry preserves.


May 11 2019


2:00 pm - 6:00 pm