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Japas Cervejaria Release Party

Japas Cervejaria is a brewery in Brazil owned by three Japanese-Brazilian women, Maira Kimura, Yumi Shimada, and Fernanda Ueno.

These three brave and bold women create beers that respect their ancestry so rich in aromas, flavors and culture, with recipes that celebrate the union between Brazil and Japan in a unique contemporary way.

The beers offered are:
Nama Biiru : a dry, delicate, unpasteurized ale with Sorachi Ace and Lemondrop hops
Black Matsurika : Bohemian Dark Pilsner with Jasmine Petals 5%
Neko IPA : Dry, Citrus IPA 5.7%
Oishi : Ginger Wit 4.7%
Yuzu Nama Biiru: Live beer with Yuzu 4.9%

We will also have two beer cocktails!
Oishii Highball : Oishii w/ginger and orange peels, Pitu Cachaca, Yuzu, Orange Blossom Water
Matsurika Michelada: Matsurika w/jasmine flowers, Yuzu, Ponzu Shoya, Worchestershire, Wasabi, Black pepper, Celery Salt, chili powder, Shichimi Togarashi & Pink Salt


Jan 28 2022


5:00 pm