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Hello Radix Fermentation!

Join Kayla and Adam Thomas, Co-Owners of Radix Fermentation, for their first beer on tap with us at the Sugar Maple.

Radix Fermentation is a small brewery focused on traditional styles and specifically on spontaneous fermentation. All of their beers are produced on their direct fire brewhouse and cooled in their coolship before fermenting in oak barrels.

The beer we will be showcasing is called The Unwashed Grape, a spontaneous ale barrel fermented and aged with Wisconsin grown Frontenac grapes! This beer was created using a turbid mash and cooled overnight in open-air, fermented using only wild yeast and bacteria from the air. An aroma of funky brett with a hint of grape leads you into the beer where you are met with a sensation of tart, dry, fruit forward flavor, so good!


Dec 27 2020


3:00 pm - 6:00 pm