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Creepy Crawlies in Virtual Reality!!

Greetings all!!

Now that October has come our way, it’s time to celebrate all things CREEPY and CRAWLY!!!

And what better way than under the tutelage of Tony, the Bug Whisperer, himself!! Come on down this Monday to see how Tony has transformed his Creepy Crawly Zoo into a futuristic adventure through the tech of Virtual Reality!!

Did you love the movie Honey, I Shrunk the Kids?? Well, here’s the chance to see what that feels like and meet some of the creepy crawlies as if you were only 2″ tall!!

Tell your family, neighbors, and friends!! Costumes (insect-themed or not) are always welcome!! See you there!!

Event photo credit: The Everett Collection of the film Them! (1954)


Oct 10 2022


7:00 pm