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Card Game Mixer

Remember the feeling of having a full house and you just KNEW you were going to win the game? How about a fat crib that skunked your partner in one lucky hand? Maybe you have NO IDEA WHAT WE ARE TALKING ABOUT!

When was the last time you played cribbage, golf, blackjack, gin rummy, poker*? Perhaps you never have, but you’ve always wanted to learn. Guess what?! NOW IS THE TIME!

Avid players are waiting to teach you how to play new-to-you card games, or help you re-learn some old favorites. Register today and bring a friend for $5 off and we’ll see who comes up spades and who is the joker.

*Games taught may be those listed or possibly others not mentioned. You will just have to show up to find out! Either way it will be a smashingly fun time. Get your tickets today!

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Jul 17 2022


2:00 pm - 4:00 pm