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1840 & Maplewood Collaboration: Special Release: German Jazz Hazy IPA

Maplewood Brewing and Distilling, established in 2014, known for their exceptional beers and spirits, is located in the Logan Square neighborhood in Chicago.

Together with 1840 Brewing, located in the Bay View neighborhood in Milwaukee, and one of our favorite breweries, they created a Hazy IPA, German Jazz.

This hazy IPA is brewed exclusively with German malts and hops.

They handpicked hops that have noble roots (pun intended) but will present well in a modern formula.

Hallertau Blanc, Callista and Grungeist come together over a crackery malt canvas with big citrus and notes of stone fruit, bursting with passionfruit.

There will also be one-off beers from both breweries, and reps to conversive with in nerdy beer details.



Jan 26 2023


4:00 pm - 10:00 pm