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Metal Monday!

Monday, June 18th | 8pm

Name That Beer Again

Every Tuesday in June | 8pm

Join us in June for more beer guessing and tasting, every Tuesday! Win a $25 gift card and bragging rights amongst your beers and peers.

5 samples over the course of an hour, 3 guesses to get it right. See you Tuesday!

Bauhaus Brew Labs Cookout w/Hammerschlagen

Wednesday, June 20th | 6pm-10pm

Bauhaus Brew Labs makes its debut at Sugar Maple with a patio party tap takeover. We'll feature 5 beers from their portfolio, a brat cookout, German style potato salad and Hammerschlagen! Come meet the rep and enjoy their new refreshing summertime lemon shandy 'Short Pants' on the patio.

PNL's Large Unit

Sunday, June 24th | 7pm | $20

Paal Nilssen-Love's Large Unit will be performing in the front room!

Thomas Johansson (NO) – cornet and flugelhorn
Mats Äleklint (SE) – trombone
Julie Kjær (DK) – alto saxophone and flute
Klaus Holm (NO) – alto and baritone saxophone
Per Åke Holmlander (SE) – tuba
Ketil Gutvik (NO) – electric guitar
Tommi Keranen (FIN) – electronics
Jon Rune Strøm (NO) – double and electric bass
Christian Meaas Svendsen (NO) – double and electric bass
Andreas Wildhagen (NO) – drums and percussion
Paal Nilssen-Love (NO) – drums and percussion
Christian Obermayer (NO) – live sound


Paal Nilssen-Love has been one of the world’s most prolific and active musicians that came out of Norway for the last 20 years. With thousands of gigs and hundreds of recordings the drummer is known for bands like The Thing, OffOnOff, Ballister, Hairy Bones, Chicago Tentet, and Original Silence, as well as collaborations with musicians like Arto Lindsay, Otomo Yoshihide, Akira Sakata, Ken Vandermark, Jim O’Rourke, Peter Brötzmann, Thurston Moore, Michiyo Yagi and many others.

In 2013 Nilssen-Love decided it was time to start his own big band ensemble. Consisting of mostly younger Norwegian musicians, Large Unit manifests as an intense powerhouse force on stage, but also veers into more subtle and textural passages. The group also includes members from Finland, Sweden and Denmark. In other words: Nordic music at its most powerful.

Traces of Nilssen-Love’s experience from groups like Peter Brötzmann Chicago Tentet, Ken Vandermark’s Territory Band and Frode Gjerstad’s Circulasione Totale Orchestra are evident, but there is no doubt that with Large Unit Nilssen-Love aims to create a group with a sound of its own.

Large Unit burst into life at the Molde Jazz festival in 2013 and has since then toured Norway and played festivals all over Europe. In the autumn of 2014 Large Unit unleashed its full load with the massive debut album”Erta Ale” – which was released in four different formats totaling more than two hours worth of music – a bold move for a debut release, but the album was met with positive reviews throughout the music scene.

Not the Brewery Series Series:

Pequod Distribution

Sunday, June 24th | 4pm-6pm

8 Samples for $20

With Not Your Host Justin Houck

Featuring 8 unique libations from a wide range of both local and national brands including: Untitled Art, Central State Brewing Company, Restoration Cider Company, Colony Nectar Meadery, Nessalla Kombucha and more. Learn about these amazing new breweries and Pequod's distribution tactics in today's market.

Central State - Bashi Farmhouse Barleywine
Central State - Rattitude Funky Wit w/ Orange peel and Coriander
Octopi Brewing - Galaxy NEIPA
Colony Nectar Mead - Linden Flower Sparkling Mead
Restoration Cider - Door County Cherry
Untitled Art - Pinot Gris NEIPA collab with J. Wakefield Brewing
Untitled Art - Black Stout American Imperial Stout
Funk Factory Geuzeria - Peach & Pluot Meerts

Chicago Edge Ensemble

Friday, July 6th | 6pm-8pm | 8pm | $15

Dan Phillips – Guitar
Jeb Bishop – Trombone
Mars Williams – Saxophones
Krzysztof Pabian – Double Bass
TBA – Drums


Press Quotes:

“Dan Phillips leads a Quintet with muscle and a big Chicago sound and memorable compositions.” The Wire May 2017

“a fine album of interesting themes and powerful performances…..a bold and thoughtful statement.” Jazz and Blues Blogspot March 2017

“Decaying Orbit — the song and the album — fulfills the promise of its members’ respective legacies and furthers the legacy of its worldly leader.” Some Thing Else Reviews March 2017

“Chicago jazz is the complexity of the postmodern sound with a predisposition for rump shaking. The Quintet rarely lowers the flame from boiling.” allaboutjazz February 2017

“Fans of both traditional and more adventurous jazz will find much to like here. Indeed, the Chicago Edge Ensemble does manage to succeed in representing the city’s diverse musical roots, and in a highly enjoyable fashion to boot.” Avant Music News January 2017

Home Brewers Bottle Share

Sunday, July 8th | 4pm-6pm

Milwaukee's finest home brewers are invited to brew their finest batch of any style and join us July 8th for a tasting and friendly competition.

$20 donation for those looking to join without a beer entry, $10 donation for anyone bringing two (2) bottles - one for sharing and one for judging. Both 12oz and 22oz accepted, but feel free to bring reserves.

Waivers will be required for all participants, both brewers and those simply attending, ingredients listed on bottles with all proceeds being donated to a local charity (TBA).

Any questions, chime in below and be sure to share with your home brewing friends!

Underground Science Society

Every Second Monday of the Month | 7pm | Next Up: July 9th

We are a monthly meeting of curious minds who want to expand their knowledge of science and how it relates to all aspects of life.

Marker featuring Ken Vandermark

Thursday, July 12th | 8pm | $15

Marker is Andrew Clinkman, Steve Marquette, Macie Stewart, Phil Sudderberg, and Ken Vandermark.

The group Marker first established itself as a working unit at a Sugar Maple residency in Milwaukee during August of 2017. The band returns to that venue on July 12th to present absolutely new material that will be developed during a tour of the Midwest. After this series of concerts they will head to Experimental Sound Studio in Chicago and record their second album. The audiences that packed the backroom at the Sugar Maple last August heard an exceptional band. Since those concerts Andrew Clinkman, Steve Marquette, Macie Stewart, Phil Sudderberg, and Ken Vandermark have been busy: they recorded and released their critically acclaimed first album, Wired For Sound, performed at the Instigation Festivals in Chicago and New Orleans, and toured the Southeast of the United States. Without question, Marker has pushed its ensemble interplay far forward since last summer and is ready to investigate an entire book of new material composed by Ken Vandermark specifically for this group. These next steps? They come running.

Marker is Ken Vandermark's newest ensemble as a leader and includes Andrew Clinkman and Steve Marquette on guitar, Macie Stewart on violin & keyboard, and Phil Sudderberg on drums, along with Vandermark's work on tenor & baritone sax, Bb & bass clarinet. Continuing his interest in creating new compositional forms for improvised music, Vandermark has devised a performance system that not only employs variable order through collage, but has added superimposition to the structuring of material to enable another layer of possibility for the construction of the pieces. The music of Marker is deeply inspired by Bernie Worrell's keyboard work with Parliament Funkadelic and Talking Heads, contemporary classical music, the guitar work of post-punk groups like Wire and The Ex, and groove methodologies from Brazil, Afro-Beat, and funk. After a series of concerts in the summer and early autumn of 2017, featuring a residency at the Sugar Maple in Milwaukee and a new soundtrack performed to Chris Marker's film, "La Jetée," the band took its music on the road for the first time in late January, performing at the Instigation Festival in New Orleans before continuing with a series of concerts for audiences in the Southeast of the United States. Audiographic Records released the first album by Marker in December of 2018, entitled "Wired For Sound" (AGR-013), which is a testament to the power of collective thinking in the development of ideas, and captures a dramatic series of creative musical breakthroughs for all involved. In July of 2018 the band will tour throughout the Midwest to prepare new music for their second album, to be recorded in Chicago at the Experimental Sound Studio in the middle of that month.

Reviews for Wired For Sound:

-Gustav Lindqvist, The Free Jazz Collective, February 21, 2018

"Vandermark’s music is a moving target. Wired For Sound was recorded in September 2017, and since then the group has toured the Southern USA. If their final Chicago date, which occurred a couple weeks after that tour, is any indication, they’ve grown more fearless and forceful. Here’s hoping that this band stays together for a spell; it’d be great to hear what comes next."
-Bill Meyer, Dusted, March 19, 2018

"[Vandermark's] fiery quintet Marker features a superb group of young players bursting with potential: electric guitarists Andrew Clinkman and Steve Marquette, drummer Phil Sudderberg, and violinist/keyboardist Macie Stewart. They’ve collectively delivered something riveting on Maker’s debut, Wired for Sound (Audiographic)."
-Peter Margasak, "The Chicago Reader," February 1, 2018

MARKER in performance:
Columbia, SC, February 2, 2018, set 1:
Columbia, SC, February 2, 2018 set 2:

Cullah and the Comrades

Wednesday, July 18th | 7pm-9pm

Come party at the Sugar Maple with Cullah and the Comrades in the front room. This is a free show!

"Hot off a 12th album release, Milwaukee's own Cullah & The Comrades have a very special mood of groove. Framed by Cullah's unique songwriting and powerful vocals, The Comrades billow their arrangements of jazz, soul, funk, and rock and roll to a spectacle of original music."

Option Milwaukee Presents:

Susan Alcorn / Ken Vandermark

Tuesday, July 31st | 8pm | $15

Internationally renowned pedal steel guitarist and improviser, Susan Alcorn, will be making a rare appearance in Milwaukee on Tuesday, July 31st, at the Sugar Maple. Susan will be playing two sets, beginning at 8 pm. In the first she will present her acclaimed solo music; in the second she will be joined by Ken Vandermark for a first time duo performance. They initially worked together in a trio with Joe McPhee at the Sonic Transmissions Festival in Austin last September (they also recorded an album for Astral Spirits at that time, which will be released later this year), and then again in that trio at the Suoni Per Il Popolo Festival in Montreal on June 4th. This promises to be an extraordinary event and unique evening of music- get there early, seating is limited!

Susan Alcorn bio:
One of the world’s premiere exponents of her instrument, Susan Alcorn has taken the pedal steel guitar far beyond its traditional role in country and western swing music. Well-known among steel players for her virtuosity and authenticity in a traditional context, Susan Alcorn first paid her dues in Texas country & western bands. Soon she began to expand the vocabulary of her instrument through her study of modern classical music (Olivier Messiaen, Edgard Varèse Krzysztof Penderecki, Pauline Oliveros), visionary jazz (John Coltrane and Ornette Coleman), and world musics (Indian rags, South American songs, and gamelan orchestra).Though mostly a solo performer, she has collaborated with numerous artists including Pauline Oliveros, Chris Cutler Evan Parker, Ingrid Laubrock, and Mary Halvorson among others. New releases include solo albums “Evening Tales” (Mystra), “Soledad” (Relative Pitch), and “Away With You” (Firehouse 12) with the Mary Halvorson Octet. Susan currently resides in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

“As an improvisor and composer, Alcorn has proven to be visionary. Her pieces reveal the complexity of her instrument and her musical experience while never straying from a very direct, intense, and personal musical expression.”
- UK Guardian

Ken Vandermark bio:
Born in Warwick, Rhode Island on September 22nd, 1964, he began studying the tenor saxophone at the age of 16. Since graduating with a degree in Film and Communications from McGill University during the spring of 1986, his primary creative emphasis has been the exploration of contemporary music that deals directly with advanced methods of improvisation. In 1989, he moved to Chicago from Boston, and has worked continuously from the early 1990s onward, both as a performer and organizer in North America and Europe, recording in a large array of contexts, with many internationally renowned musicians (such as Fred Anderson, Ab Baars, Tim Barnes, Peter Brötzmann, Tim Daisy, Hamid Drake, Terrie Hessels, Mats Gustafsson, Elisabeth Harnik, Steve Heather, Didi Kern, Kent Kessler, Christof Kurzmann, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Paul Lytton, Lou Mallozzi, Lasse Marhaug, Joe McPhee, Andy Moor, Jason Moran, Ikue Mori, Joe Morris, Paal Nilssen-Love, Eddie Prevóst, Mette Rasmussen, Eric Revis, Jasper Stadhouders, Chad Taylor, John Tilbury, Mars Williams, Nate Wooley, and C. Spencer Yeh). Ken's current musical activity includes work with Made To Break, Marker, Lean Left, Shelter, DEK, The DKV Trio, The Eric Revis Quartet; duos with Paal Nilssen-Love, Terrie Hessels, and Nate Wooley, as well as work as a solo performer. Since June of 2015 has been co-curator of Option, a music series held on a weekly basis between March and October at the Experimental Sound Studio in Chicago. In 2014 he began an independent label, called Audiographic Records, created to document special aspects of his work through albums and books. In 2018 he was asked to organize, compose for, and lead two large ensembles with international rosters, Entr'acte and Next International; the first headlined the Artacts Festival in St. Johann, Austria, the second closed the exhibition, "Free Music Production/FMP: The Living Music" exhibition held at Akademie der Künste in Berlin. More than half of each year is spent touring in Europe, North America, Russia, Brazil, and Japan, and his concerts and numerous recordings have been critically acclaimed both at home and abroad. In addition to the tenor sax, he also plays the bass and Bb clarinet, and baritone saxophone. His activity as a writer includes liner notes for recordings by a variety of artists; and contributions to the eight edition of John Zorn's "Arcana: musicians on music," the Spanish language journal, "El Esatdo Mental," and "Catalytic Quarterly."

Paul Giallorenzo's GitGO Large Group

Friday, August 24th | 8pm | $15

Josh Berman - cornet
Jeb Bishop - trombone
Dave Rempis - saxophones
Mars Williams - saxophones
Paul Giallorenzo - keyboard
Anton Hatwich - bass
Quin Kirchner - drums




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