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Schlammerschlagen - A Hammerschlagen League

Every Wednesday | Sept 26th - Nov 14th

2 person teams
45 min - 1 hour of matches per night per team
September 26th - Practice Week
October 3rd through November 7th - League Play
November 14th - Finals

We would like to welcome you all to the first season of Schlammerschlagen, a team based Hammerschlagen league. Our first week of practice is sponsored by Eagle Park - as we tap their Oktoberfest beer aptly named... M.C. Hammerschlagen!

We've (hopefully) figured out a team based league format and want to test the waters for match time and scoring before we launch into week 1 in early October. We hope you can join us! Teams that register on the 26th will be guaranteed a spot, and week 1 we'll fill in any extra teams we can accommodate based on time restrains each Wednesday to finish by 10pm. Your team will be most likely needed 1 hour each week - 7-8pm, 8-9pm, or 9-10pm (give or take) to finish your match play. Scoring will be explained the week of in the event discussion, along with safety and additional rules moving forward. Any questions or comments, please feel free to chime in on our facebook page!

Please register IN PERSON at Sugar Maple (names and emails for your two person team), as well get far too many people 'interested' that don't show up for scheduling each week - not my first goat rodeo. Greatly appreciate it!

Gerrit Hatcher / Peter Maunu / Julian Kirshner Trio

Thursday, September 27th | 8pm | Doors open at 7:30pm

Gerrit Hatcher - tenor saxophone
Peter Maunu - guitar, mandolin, violin
Julian Kirshner - drums

Hatcher/Maunu/Kirshner is a freshly assembled Chicago improvising trio, as well as a union of some of its members' favorite longstanding collaborations with one another. Julian Kirshner and Peter Maunu play together twice monthly as hosts of the Splice Series, and Hatcher and Kirshner have a running duo project of their own. Come hear the trio as they put it all together and continue to celebrate their fall release "The Raven and the Dove" at the Sugar Maple on September 27th.

Sugar Maple Brewery Series:

Collective Arts & Label Art

Sunday, September 30th | 4pm-6pm

8 Samples for $20

Featuring Collective Art Label Art giveaways and Iron Grate BBQ

Presented by Tom White - Sales and Marketing Mgr

Hosted by Justin Houck

Beer Lineup:
Life in the Clouds Hazy IPA
Ransack the Universe IPA
Prophet's & Nomad's Gose
Mash Up the Jam
Liquid Art

Free Jeannie's Weenies Wednesdays at Sugar!

Every Wednesday | Oct 3rd - Oct 31st

Jeannie's Weenies Food Cart wants to make sausages for YOU - for FREE!

Join us every Wednesday in October from 7pm-10pm ending on Halloweenie, for sausages on the patio courtesy of the woman behind the food herself - Jeannie.

We're also starting up Schlammerschlagen - a Hammerschlagen league on the patio during the exact same times, so get a team of two registered the last Wednesday of September when we run a practice round!

Crooked Stave at Sugar Maple

Thursday, October 4th | 3pm

Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project
- Tapped for the first ever in Wisconsin -

Nightmare on Brett
L’Brett D’or
Sour RosA
Mama Bear’s Cherry Pie
Von Pilsner (collab with Casey Brewing & Blending)
L'Brett D’Apricot

Pearls Girls & Swirls Pop-Up

Sunday, October 7th | 2pm-4pm

Fashion Show
Suzie Wong meets Siouxie and the Banshees

Becky of Luv Unlimited spinning Japanese and K-Pop

To raise funds for the MPS Music Program (Yes, you can win a Kimona!)

Presentation by Sam Hill of Rohr Jewelers
Milwaukee's Pearl Authority shares his expertise about these magical treasures

$5 suggested donation
Portion of proceeds to benefit the MPS Music Program

Underground Science Society

Every Second Monday of the Month | 7pm | Next Up: October 8th

We are a monthly meeting of curious minds who want to expand their knowledge of science and how it relates to all aspects of life.

On the Table: A Pre-Slam Discussion

Tuesday, October 9th | 6:15pm-7:15pm

Members and guests of Ex Fabula attending our Oct. 9 Story Slam have a bonus opportunity to join a community conversation pre-event as part of the Greater Milwaukee Foundation’s On the Table initiative.

On Oct. 9, thousands of people throughout the region will participate in On the Table by gathering in small groups to engage in meaningful conversation about our community. Ex Fabula invites you to join our table to discuss Raising our voices – leveraging our stories for greater community impact.

To participate, please reserve your space! This venue is 21+.

Kuzu with Dave Rempis, Tashi Dorji and Tyler Damon

Sunday, October 14th | 8pm-10pm

Kuzu is:
Dave Rempis - reeds
Tashi Dorji - guitar
Tyler Damon - drums

Kuzu, a new trio featuring Chicago saxophonist Dave Rempis (Rempis Percussion Quartet, Ballister, The Engines) alongside the incredible duo of Tashi Dorji - guitar, and Tyler Damon - percussion, will be taking off for a fourteen concert North American tour this October. This first tour by the band coincides with their debut release HILJAISUUS now available from Astral Spirits Records.

Kuzu is a hard-charging but patient trio that came together in the fall of 2017, after saxophonist Dave Rempis, a stalwart of the Chicago improvised music scene, worked with both Tashi Dorji (guitar) and Tyler Damon (drums) individually as part of a lengthy solo tour of the U.S. that he undertook in the spring of that year. Dorji and Damon’s work as a guitar/percussion duo has become well-known, a highly refined and specific language developed through relentless touring and recording over the last few years, with a sound that straddles improvised music, rock, and any number of as-yet-undefined territories. These two provide an incredibly fresh take on the possibilities inherent to spontaneous composition. Superimposing Rempis into this mix was a logical next step after the relationships they’d forged individually. The trio’s forthcoming debut record Hiljaisuus (“silence” in Finnish…) is slated for release on the well-known Astral Spirits label in summer 2018, to be followed by two separate tours of the United States in late summer and fall.

Musically, these three create a highly focused pallet of sounds. At times, spacious gestures carve up the canvas with the austerity of a calligrapher, while at others those sparse gestures build into an unstoppable tsunami of energy. Those waves are never impulsive or impetuous though, they ebb and flow logically and patiently out of simple and clearly defined sources. This trio pursues every gesture with tenacity, passing them back and forth until they’ve explored every facet of an idea.




Painter, Mother, Manager, and Maintenance. Make Beer, Not War.


'The Most Interesting Man in Milwaukee.' *Title Still Pending. Beer Event Coordinator in the interim.


“Most lovable redhead”


This is my 10th year at the Sugar Maple, still here, with beard, get used to it


When I'm not bartending, I'm exploring the world or writing about travel!...Or working my 9-5 gig and dreaming of beer!


I like walks in the woods and fires at night, add a splash of bourbon, and I'm feelin' alright.


"Give me Fernet and a steak and I will love you forever. Da Bears."


You can't hoard fun. It has no shelf life.


Keeping it nasty.


At the door keeping the peace since 2012.


You can find me on the other side, wearing scrubs, on my home from my new job!


I no longer work at the Sugar Maple as I now concentrate on everything Milwaukee and beer as the Site Manager of the Milwaukee County Historical Society's permanent installation Brew City MKE, a Milwaukee Brewing History Museum and Milwaukee Beer Bar.


I’m moving on with my studies, but am occasionally behind the bar to lend a hand when needed


I found a calling to create boozy Slushies that put smiles on Tosa’s finest imbibers. I continue to share my passion for talking about all things beer and whiskey with the family at Ray’s Growler Gallery.

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