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Name That Beer - March Madness

Every Tuesday in March | 8pm | Next up: March 13th

Name That Beer returns every Tuesday in March! Challenge your friends and bet your bar tabs.

5 random pours - 3 guesses from our menu as to what it may be. Winner walks with a gift card or Sugar Maple Hoodie!(Also available for $25)

Arrive early for your chance at more free stuff and get a head start on the competition.

Heads up 7up!

Underground Science Society

Wild in Milwaukee

Monday, March 12th | 7pm-9pm

Come one & all!!! Once again to our cozy nook in the back room of the Sugar Maple to hear Gary S. Casper (UWM Field Station) and Julia L. Robson (Milwaukee County Parks) illuminate us to the wonders that surround us in our very own urban environment.

For 4 years, a team of UWM Field Station and Milwaukee County Parks researchers hunted this urban area, documenting the Actual Reality of biodiversity in the city. This is the story of what they found, and how they found it.

Bring your curiosity! Bring your questions! Bring your friends!!!

Central State Soirée

Thursday, March 15th | 6pm-9pm

Founded by a technically-minded team with a keen interest in exploring the delicate art of yeast interaction and cultivation, Indianapolis based Central State aims to contribute to the innovation and knowledge-sharing culture that has defined this new generation of American brewing through experimentation, collaboration, and artisanal brewing!

We’ll be featuring 6 awesome beers:

Table: 4% ABV Table beer is a rustic blonde ale brewed in the style of French and Belgian style table beers. This beer has lots of flavor packed into a low ABV. Spicy rye notes play with the yeast character from this 100% Brett fermented beer. With the hop profile constantly changing, each batch brings something new to be discovered.

Garden: 3.6% ABV Garden Gose is a tribute to the lightly tart and slightly slightly salty beers of Leipzig, Germany. Updated a bit with the addition of lemon peel and a touch of cascade hops. Goseanna!

Halsdurchschlag: 4.5% ABV Brewed in collaboration with Chef Seth Elgar from NOCO in Bloomington, IN. A Berliner Weiss with Meyer lemons added (both zest and juice) in case that wouldn't have registered as tart enough. High in acidity and full bodied, crafted to be the perfect pairing with seafood and spicy dishes.

Most Humble Ever: 5.8% ABV Dry hopped Saison brewed in collaboration with Other Half Brewing in an effort to combine the things both breweries love about each other. Funky and dry thanks to Central States yeast cultures. Yet lush and hoppy from the use of lots of flaked oats and a healthy dose of Citra, Mandarina, and Blanc dry hops from the Other Half side. This beer is humble and proud at the same time.

Future Shock: 6% ABV New England Style IPA. We live in an ever-changing world. The beer world is no exception, with constantly evolving styles, ingredients, and processes. Future Shock is a foray into this new realm of Hazy IPAs. This creation is generously hopped with Citra and Hallertau Blanc and balanced with a soft malt bill rounded out with flaked oats and Indiana wheat malt. Adapt or become lost to history.

Cryo-Haze IPA: 7% ABV New England Style IPA done in collaboration with Untitled Art. Behold! The newest innovation in the wild world of hop artistry: Cryo Hopping! Cryo hops use cutting edge scientific techniques to maximize resinous and juicy hop flavor and aroma without astringency. Using exclusively Mosaic hops. Every pint a masterpiece!

Contraptions/Gnarrenschiff/Old Old Earth

Friday, March 16th | 8:30pm-11:30pm

Celebrate St. Patrick's Eve with Old Old Earth (Americana, roots, and singer/songwriter genres, a rich palette of Northern wilderness subjects over a lush and earthy sonic canvas), Gnarrenschiif (other world music), and Contraptions (Pee Wee Herman's favorite desert blues band).

Metal Monday - March Edition

Monday, March 19th | 8pm-11pm

The Thing w/ Mats Gustafsson, Ingebrigt Håker Flaten and PNL

Tuesday, March 20th | 8pm | $15

Mats Gustafsson (Sweden) - saxophones
Ingebrigt Håker Flaten (Norway) - bass
Paal Nilssen-Love (Norway) - drums

Mats Gustafsson is one of Europe’s biggest names on the music scene. Through groups like Gush, AALY trio, Fire! and Peter Brötzmann`s Chicago Tentet, he has established himself as a very powerful saxophonist, and has somewhat reinvented the way of playing the saxophone. In 2011 he received the Nordic Council Music Price: the largest price for a musician in the Nordic countries.

Ingebrigt Håker Flaten and Paal Nilssen-Love have become known as Norway`s heaviest rhythm-section. Since their long-time collaboration started in 1992, they have been working together in several groups like School Days with Ken Vandermark, Scorch trio with Raoul Björkenheim, and the Swedish/Norwegian jazz-group Atomic.

After forming in 1999 as a Don Cherry recording project, Scandinavian garage jazz trio The Thing soon established themselves as one of the most important European jazz groups, playing a variety of compositions, including material by PJ Harvey, Albert Ayler, The White Stripes, Steve Lacy, The Stooges, The Sonics, The Cramps, Lightning Bolt and The Ex. They transformed the music of these artists into a contemporary context, making it their own. As individuals or as a group, they have collaborated with those including, Peter Brötzmann, Sonic Youth, Jim O’Rourke, Thurston Moore, David Grubbs, Eye, The Ex, Pat Metheny, Arto Lindsay, Steve Reid, Kieran Hebden, Merzbow, Christian Marclay, The Nomads, Guy Picciotto, Neneh Cherry and more, all activities fueling the music of The Thing to become what the group is all about.

After more than 600 concerts around the globe, five studio albums including their collaborative release with Neneh Cherry, a variety of live releases over the years, in 2013 The Thing presented their sixth studio album, BOOT! as the first release on their new label, The Thing Records. Since then they’ve released two EP’s, a live recording with Thurston Moore ‘LIVE’ and re-released their classic albums ’Garage’ and `Mono`. With dedicated fans in the rock, noise and jazz communities, The Thing continues to take the music to new, uncompromising levels and continues to solidify their important position in the contemporary independent music world.



Photo by: Geert Vandepoele

Hacienda Housewarming

Wednesday, March 21st | 6pm-9pm

Come experience the bolder side of Danny McMahon's brewing talents from Door County Brewing!

Stay tuned for featured beers.

Sugar Maple Brewery Series Presents

One Barrel & O'so

Sunday, March 25th, 2018 | 4pm-6pm

8 samples $20

O'so Lineup:
1. Arbre qui Donne - Barrel aged blended sour with Georgia peaches 6%
2. Blood of the Cherry- Barrel aged blended sour with Door county cherries 6%
3. Bruin in a Bramble - Barrel aged blended Oud Bruin style sour with local Wisconsin black raspberries. 6%
4. Currant Eventualities-Barrel aged blended sour with red currants 6%
5. Mango Infectious Groove - kettle sour with mango 4.8%

One Barrel Offerings:
1. Cranberry Wit: This is the first time this beer has ever been brewed; it doesn’t even have a name yet! It’s modeled after classic Belgian Wit style beers with unmalted wheat and pilsner malt making up most of the grain bill. Brewed with a hint of bitter orange peel and fermented with cranberry puree. Very low IBU and 5% abv.
2. Reynard the Fox: This beer is different every time I brew it. (Sorry Untapped fans) It actually fits, since Reynard the Fox in mythology is a shape-shifter trickster character. This batch features Citra and French Strisselspalt hops. The color is foxy red with about 25 IBUs. 5.8% abv.
3. #2 Strong Ale - Belgian Strong Dark Ale
4. Behemoth - Imperial/Double IPA

Hosted by Justin Houck

Ping Pong Smash Up!

Saturday, March 31st | 2pm-4pm

Sign up Noon-2pm
Featuring New Belgium Beers at $1 off
Winner will receive a party with a 1/6 barrel of Juicy Haze.

If you're interested in playing, state your name, and write, "I'm in!" on the Facebook event page (link below). Details on the format and the New Belgium beers being served will follow.

The Avril Challenge 2018

Sunday, April 1st | 2pm-5pm

Celebrate Spring with the lovely Saisons from this year's Breweries:

The Explorium Brewpub, Southridge Mall, Greendale, Founded in 2016
Fermentorium, Cedarburg, Opened in 2016
Gathering Place Brewing Company, Riverwest, Opened in 2017
Raised Grain Brewing Company, Waukesha, Opened in 2015

A representative from each Brewery will be present, along with other beers from their portfolios.



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